2000 X-Welpen

Geboren    am  13.04.2000 in Capellen (L) 

Mutter        M-CH Zinderella Rockefeller of Magic Dog Garden

Vater          M-CH Woody Sam van't Sassenhoes

Rüden        4

Hündin       3




Dancing Cloud X'Scaramouche


Rufname: Mouche

Besitzer:  Kathrin & Cadio Glogau Pericin (CH)



sad day in my life as breeder, bad news from Switzerland
Good-bye * MOUCHE *     Dancing Cloud X'Scaramouche, son of Rella & Sam
who went over the rainbowbridge today, to join his mom & dad 

huge THANKS to Kathrin & Cadio

for the life they made him possible, side by side with his daughter Briana

for the fun he could have with them all

for the holidays he could spend with them all, all over Europe

for the petfriends they made him know


for the love they gave him




Dancing Cloud X'Scout Xander


Rufname: Caspar

Besitzer:  Familie Bauer (L)




Dancing Cloud X'Cassis on the road again


Rufname: Cassis

Besitzer:  Myriam Reuter (L)





Dancing Cloud X'Scriptgirl Idgie

verstorben am 09.11.2007


Rufname: Idgie

Besitzer:  Familie Schiltz-Wunsch (L)





Dancing Cloud X'Scarborough Fair


Rufname: Mel

Besitzer:  Familie Feiereisen-Mattern (L)




Dancing Cloud X'Scarlett O'Hara


Rufname: Vanille

Besitzer:  Familie Bruyère-Johae (B)




Dancing Cloud X'Scoubidou

verstorben Mai 2016


Rufname: Spike

Besitzer:  Familie Hausemer-Eicher (L)